30% Of U.S. Adults Are Still Unvaccinated

Some Americans resistant to getting vaccinated against Covid-19 could be persuaded to get a jab by easing access, coaxing by family and friends and addressing safety concerns—while free incentives to get the shot aren’t as persuasive, new research suggests.

woman wearing face mask looking at needle with Covid-19 vaccine

A survey by the Deloitte Center of Health Solutions, conducted August 13-27 that included 1,200 unvaccinated U.S. adults, found 34% would likely get the shot if it was offered during a routine doctor’s appointment, including 17% of those who say they “refuse” to get vaccinated.

They said they’d be more likely to get vaccinated under scenarios like a mobile vaccine clinic coming to their neighborhood (46% of people on the fence about the vaccine and 14% who refuse it), a health care provider administering the vaccine to them at their home (45% and 16%), if the vaccine was being offered at a store they were already shopping at (48% and 15%) and if they “happened to walk by a vaccine site that had appointments available” (46% and 15%)

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