How to Wear a Blazer With Jeans for Cool & Professional Look

How to wear a blazer with jeans:

When it comes to style and fashion, the youth of this generation stands first. The secret behind every successful fashion designer and model of this era is comfort. They like to style themselves with the most comfortable clothes. The people of the 21st century are quite creative, and they like to go by a mix-match style. They like to pair their clothes most creatively. If you are super confused about how to pair your blazer with jeans to look cool and professional, then you are on the right page.

How to Wear a Blazer With Jeans

Blazer with jeans for wedding

1. Jeans:

Today’s generation does not find anything more comfortable than a pair of jeans for traveling outside. There are big as well as small brands of jeans all around the world, serving people by manufacturing the most comfortable jeans to wear. Jeans come in a wide range of colors and quality. All people do not suit one color, and everybody’s choice matters. Keeping these points in mind, manufacturers make varieties of jeans with different qualities and colors. To make it up to the expectations of the people, the manufacturers make jeans in white, blue, black, grey, denim, different shades of blue, combinations of white and blue, black and blue, grey and white, etc. Besides these colors, there are jeans, even in red, green, yellow, etc. If you want to look cool and professional with blazers as your upper half on jeans, here is some detail description of how to wear a blazer with jeans women.

2. Blazers:

If you are attending any occasion, party, or meeting in the office, a blazer is an ideal choice for your formal looks. Previously people used to think blazers could only serve you as formal wear, but at present, the fashion sense of the youth breaks all the old concepts of the people by wearing every formal wear in an informal style. At present, you can wear your formal blazer with casual pants and jeans too. Like blazer with jeans combination to come in a wide range of varieties in color and quality. There are many sober colors of the blazers like white, pink, grey, blue, navy blue, dark blue, royal blue, other shades of blue, black, jet black, etc. If you are thinking about how to get a cool and professional look with blazer and jeans, you might have to keep in mind several points.

  • Colors: if you are wearing your blazer with a pair of jeans, you must choose the proper color of the clothes to make a good combination for a professional and cool look. If you want a professional look for a meeting, you must go for a soothing color for your blazer like pink, white, black, blue, or grey. Your jeans can be either a shade of black or blue to match the upper half.
  • Fabrics: you cannot wear any blazer with a pair of jeans. You need to be cautious enough to choose a proper fabric of blazer to suit you with jeans. You can choose the following fabric to match a pair of jeans:
  1. Cashmere
  2. Worsted Wool
  3. Linen
  4. Seersucker
  5. Silk

These Are The Most Commonly Used Fabrics For Blazers

1. Types:

Blazers come in several types and styles. You can go for single-breasted as well as double-breasted blazers to make a perfect combination with jeans.

2. Button Single-Breasted:

This type of blazer is suitable for both men and women. You can easily wear this type with a proper color of tee-shirt within the blazer to match your jeans.

3. Button Single-Breasted:

This type of blazer is most seen among men. This can be your ideal choice for a professional look with a pair of jeans. This blazer suits most of the tall men than the ones with short heights.

4. Button Double-Breasted:

This type of blazer is seen in men as well as women. You can match this sober type with a proper tee-shirt and jeans for a cool look. This blazer can give you a funky look with jeans for a party, as well as any occasion.

5. Fittings:

One of the major points to keep in mind while men’s casual blazer with jeans is fittings. If you wear a loose blazer, it will not make you look any cooler than a fool over jeans. When you try to make formal wear look informal on jeans, you need to be very choosy and specific about your choice. The blazer which you are wearing over jeans must have the shoulders set on your body’s shoulder that would make you look smart. The wrist of the blazer must not cross the length of your actual wrist.

These are the basic points mentioned above, which you must keep in mind while matching a blazer over a pair of jeans. Besides the above points, there are a few minor things too which you should be specific about.

6. Color Of The Tee-Shirt:

When you wear a blazer over a pair of jeans, you must wear a proper tee-shirt inside the blazer to manage your body from getting exposed to the world. The color of the tee-shirt which you decide to wear inside the blazer should not be of the same color as the blazer. That would make your look fade away and not worth noticing. If you wear a bright-colored blazer, the tee-shirt should be of a lighter color, and if you wear a light-colored blazer, you must wear a bright-colored tee-shirt inside. The colors should be an alternative.

Different Colors Of Blazers

Here is a list of some colors that can make a good combination with a suitable color of jeans.

1. Dark Colors:

Among the dark colors, you can include maroon, dark blue, and jet black. These colors are the most attractive ones among all. These color blazers can make you worth noticing and the star of every other eye present near you. If you want to wear dark color blazers with a tie and a shirt under the blazer with jeans and a shirt, you can look perfect for office purpose. You can attend meetings, go to parties, attend ceremonies, and manage to look professional.

2. Camel Colors:

As the color suggests, these are the shades of the camel colors. Like human beings have different shades of their skin color, the camels have them too. There are some shades of camel colors. Some are light, and some are black. If you want a professional look, you can match black jeans with these colors. Another color of the jeans might not go well with the camel colors.

3. Light Colors:

Besides the dark-colored blazers, there are light-colored blazers too. These blazers are the most soothing to the eye. These are light enough to wear in the daylight. A light color can be soothing to the eye in daylight. If you have a serious personality, the light color blazers like that of pink, lemon yellow, ochre, sky, light bottle green, grey, denim blue, white, light beige color will suit you the most. You can wear black or brown jeans on the lower half with these blazers.

4. Green Shades:

The green shades among the blazers can be of a funky choice. A green blazer can suit you while attending a house party or wedding over green jeans or grey jeans. If you go for the olive green or bottle green, a pair of grey jeans can suit you well. If you go for leaf green, black jeans would be a good choice.

5. Double-Breasted:

Multicolored: If you go for a double-breasted blazer, the checks and squares on black and white can be an ideal choice over full black or full white jeans. The double-breasted blazers are preferable to men and women. The checks on the blazer add a controversial look to your personality.

6. Shades In Red:

Many blazers have the velvet finishing on red color. These can be an ideal choice for wedding seasons. The red is a bright color, and the velvet finishing can give you an eye-catching moment among the crowd at the wedding party. Among all the shades of red, the wine red colored blazers are the best sellers. If you wear a wine red colored blazer over a white shirt and dark blue jeans, no doubt you will be the center of attraction wherever you go.

7. Simple Ones:

If you decide to wear a blazer over a pair of jeans without any occasion, you can go for the simple ones. The simple blazers can be of lighter shades so that they would not make you uncomfortable among all. You can carry out such shades without any hesitation. These types make you look smarter than the rest. You can wear a simple white tee-shirt inside the blazer and a dark-colored jean under the blazer for a casual look. The colors like beige, grey, light yellow, off-white shades can come under the simple ones

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