A Short Review of Best Screen Recording

In today’s generation, people use more online tools in order to communicate with each other; Communication has become very important today. But the best way is to use online communication tools like Skype. People nowadays, use video calling for meetings or video conferences. But sometimes, when work is done, they need to review it in order to justify themselves well. Sometimes, they need to record a call in order to understand well, even after the call is over.

If somebody wants to make tutorials for games or other purposes, even then screen recording is very important. They can make tutorials and use them in various helpful ways. They can also use this tutorial for different creative purposes. It can also be used for recording live streams. That’s why screen recording has become so important nowadays. Though there are so many ways of recording on screen, but some of the best will be reviewed today.

As there are so many screen recording solutions available today, people often get confused. They can’t decide which can one to use and which one suits you best according to their requirements. So today, we are reviewing some of the best out there in order to clear up your confusion.

Solutions for Recording on Screen

There is a renowned screen recording tool that names Screen Grabber Pro. You can use this tool for various purposes, including recording.

1.Screen Grabber Pro

  • User Guidance and Facilities

Firstly, you need to download the software. You can download it from the reference site given below.

After downloading you will get easy directions automatically from the tool. Here is a list of features you will get with the tool.

  • Pros

You can start recording you screen with just one click and when done just save it.

You can take screenshots while recording on screen.

There is also a handy editor if you need to edit something

There is a task scheduler available. You can record a task in the future by setting up task scheduler

You can do on screen video editing and adjustments.

You can record via webcam, audio

  • Cons

Well, this software is really good. So, there are no major cons that are worth mentioning here.

2. Solution for Online Recording

For screen recording, there are some online recorders available also. One of them is the Screen-O-mastic.

  • Pros

Its free version is available for trails

You can record on screen and with a webcam also.

You can directly publish it to YouTube. You can also save directly from their website

  • Cons

The free version includes watermarks.

Doesn’t allow you to record for a long time.

It doesn’t let you edit on screen.

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