About Protein and Weight Loss


Protein and weight loss are totally connected. You will understand why by the time you’re done reading this article. I’m going to spell out 3 reasons why eating protein does indeed help you burn fat and lose weight.

Eating Protein has a strong thermic effect

Digesting food creates a thermic heat-generating effect inside your body. Your body actually burns calories to break down and digest the food you eat.

Dietary fat has a thermic effect of up 3%. For every 100 calories of fat you consume, up to 3 calories of it is burned off to digest it.

Complex carbohydrates have a much higher thermic effect around 10 to 20%. Protein has the highest effect coming in at around 30%. For every 100 calories of protein you ingest, as many as 30 calories are burned off during the digestion process!. Make it a point to consume lean protein with every meal. You will burn off a lot more calories if you do.

Protein helps build muscle Tissue.

Your body uses protein to maintain and build new muscle. Since muscle burns fat, you can see the connection here. By eating protein will all your meals, you will maintain the right internal environment for the muscle to be maintained or rebuilt

Protein helps balance insulin

Insulin is considered a storage hormone. One of its jobs is to shuttle blood sugar into your muscles and your life when carbs are eaten and broken down. Glucagon is a releasing hormone it’s that allows fat to be liberated from fat cells.

Follow along with me here.

Large insulin surges decrease glucagon production. Whenever glucagon production is decreased, your ability to burn fat is crippled. Eating protein with every meal lessens the release of insulin which in turn supports the ongoing production of glucagon. The end result is more consistent fat release. Hopefully, you now have a good understanding of how protein and weight loss are related.

Millions of people struggle with losing weight or more specifically as far as bodybuilding is concerned, losing fat, every single day and you may be among those who are wondering if there is indeed a positive relationship between whey protein and overall better body shape. Recent research into the benefits of whey protein indicates that it may indeed prove to be valuable as a weight loss and specifically as a fat loss aid. Among other things, when was shown to support satiety, improve insulin sensitivity, and optimize your muscle mass. These benefits are all essential for weight loss.

Not just for Bodybuilders

For a better appreciation of the relationship between whey protein and weight loss, let us look at how it supports satiety. You may have noticed feeling hunger pangs several times in a day, particularly in between meals. The problem with these hunger pangs is that they often lead to unhealthy snacking between meals, which in turn results in unhealthy weight gain. When helps you feel fuller for a longer period of time, so you no longer experience hunger pangs between meals. The even better news is that you feel full quicker so you eat less than you usually do and stick to a clean diet.

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