Are you the Right color for Your wedding dress?

Summer Bronze- Are you the Right color for Your wedding dress?

The arrival of summer means outings to the beach. You and your friends will probably take a  day or two to relax and unwind. It’s a great idea to get out and enjoy the warmth of the season. It’s great to have the natural glow of health.

Before you go for your beach fun though, here are some things you and your entourage may want to remember if the wedding dress  isn’t that far off.

Check the color of the browns. The gowns may look good on your if you stay your normal creamy pink skin. It may not look good with your new tan. Sunblock will be a big help to keep you from darkening too much.

Strap marks are an absolute no-no. They are an eyesore! They make you look like you’re wearing straps even when there are none. It ruins the look of the gown. It is so easy to avoid this problem. Simple use sunblock (the highest available strength and regular application will go a long way to keeping you from having built-in steps.

If you really want to have a little tan, choose a swimsuit that is strapless so that you’ll be an even shade all over; at least where the skin is exposed. If you must have straps, the thinner they are the better. If you’ll sunbathe, make sure that the straps are lowered. Just slip them back on before you sit up.

Don’t forget to take extra steps to protect your hair from sun and water damage. A little care is all you need to keep your hair soft and smooth. Of course, modern science and help you but that will raise your expenses at the salon.

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