Bra Fitting – To Look Sexy and Feel Comfortable

When choosing a bra, women focus more on what the bra looks like than on how well it fits. The bitter truth is that almost 75% to 80% of women today wear the wrong size bra, and it’s even more bitter that most women aren’t aware of it.

Wearing the wrong size bra will definitely affect your breasts and your overall look. For example, a bra with a small cup can look like a muffin on top of the bra. On the other hand, large bra cup sizes can give a loose look. Therefore, it is not difficult to recognize the importance of bra fit.

Getting the right size bra is a difficult task for most women. But, as you might have imagined, if you know some tricks in the trade, this is not the case. When measuring bra size, focus on tire size and chest size. Ideally, the band size should be 5 inches larger than the size under the bust, and the breast size should maximize the size of the entire breast. Subtract the band size from the chest size to get the bra cup size.

The next thing to consider when thinking about bras is comfort. To avoid discomfort and pain, it is advisable to choose a solid but comfortable band. Also, make sure that your chest weight is fully supported by the straps and cups, not the shoulder straps.

Just using some of these tricks in choosing the right bra can not only ensure correct posture but also keep you away from some of the health issues associated with improper bra fitting. increase.

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