Can Noom Diet plans help for your Weight loss?


Designed by behavioral psychologists, the Noom diet plans targets your brain and works at the psychological level to help you think in line with what is good for your weight loss and overall fitness. In fact, it will not be an exaggeration to say that it tricks your mind into making behavioral changes in your eating habits and patterns. As you start believing that healthy eating habits are good for you, the chances of relapsing into your unhealthy habits are highly unlikely. Another good thing about Noom Diet is that this change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes its own time and makes you develop those habits that keep you healthy, slim, and fit in the long run.

Why Noom Diet Works

Unlike many other one-size –fits all-types of plans. Noom diet plans takes you as a unique person with unique eating habits and lifestyle, which is true. You need to answer a few questions based on your eating habits current health conditions and medication if any. The app checks your current caloric and other nutrient needs and comes up with a unique diet plan, keeping in mind your exact requirements and fat loss goal.

5 Facts about Noom or Millennial Diet

  • It focuses on behavioral change
  • Uses cutting-edge technology
  • Personalized coaching for your unique health needs
  • Unique color code-based food lists to make the task practical and easy
  • In-app pedometer

Color-based food list

Based on the analysis and volumetric and calorie density. Noom food list has been divided into three categories; green, yellow, and red.

As you guessed, green foods are those with the highest concentration on nutrients, but with low-calorie value. These are highly recommended for any Noom Dieter. In fact, this type of food is highly nutritious for anyone whether on this diet or not.

Noom recommends 2 types of food

  • Green Noom Food
  • Yellow Noom Food
  • Red Noom Food

Is there any Noom Recipe?

Noom app does not offer specific recipes for weight loss. However, you have thousands of food options to make your recipe from as long as you stick to the calorie intake advice given by your GS. This is also one of the reasons that make Noom highly popular as you don’t have to stick to any specific Noom recipe. Once you are in the program, you’ll start making the best choice to suit your needs and taste buds. The color coding system makes the process of choosing food items easy and convenient.  

Noom Coach App – Personal Coach

As a Noom user, you will be a  personal coach or Goal Specialist as they prefer to call it. The app’s messaging system allows you to get in touch with your coach at least once a week. Your coach will help you set your short-term goal and long–term goal.

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