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A blogger who shared bigoted comments about previous President Obama was paid by Equitable Rep. Vicente Gonzalez’s mission for “publicizing administrations” on two separate events. And Dem candidate paid a blogger

In November 2014, Juan Montoya, who works the El Rerun blog, enhanced the unfeeling remarks that were written by Jerry McHale, one more blogger who was uncovered in July to have offered various bigot and misogynist comments through his own blog that designated GOP Rep. Mayra Flores.

In the post shared to Montoya’s blog, McHale, who was additionally paid by the Gonzalez lobby for “promoting administrations” through his own blog, offered bigoted remarks through “one of his modify characters” known as Dr. G.F. McHale-Scully.

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Depicting conservative government officials, who he accepted the GOP ought to set up in races, McHale expressed: “The citizens view at the Cameron Region conservatives as reasonable choices. In the event that the party of the rich, bigots, and strict right ran Terry Beam or Bud Richards or Harry McNair, the liberals would win in avalanches, yet Tony Garza, Casco’s and Garcia aren’t traditionalist ideologues, brought back to life Christians or presses.”

“He pays for a promotion,” Montoya said of Gonzalez in a short discussion with Fox News Computerized.


Depicting McHale, Montoya said he has “forever been” a “spectacular display” kind of fellow. “He utilizes the N-word now and again… just to pull off it,” Montoya said. “He’s been doing that for quite a while.”

Montoya said McHale, who he has known for a long while, trusts that on the off chance that you “shock individuals and they’ll return to peruse your stuff once more.”

“I never had confidence in that since it harms individuals,” Montoya said, adding that a portion of McHale’s words are truly “disagreeable” and “something you don’t want to be related with.”

At the point when gotten some information about the sharing of McHale’s words to his own blog and whether he was all the while getting it done, Montoya said, “Actually no, not actually, not of late. At one time, when he was composing stuff that made a difference I did however at that point we had a run-in. Some would agree that he is no respecter of individuals.”

Montoya said a ton of what McHale has said is “not by any stretch” intelligent of his own perspectives.


In a proclamation to Fox, the Gonzalez lobby demanded that it has “proactively cut attaches with the creator of this post” and that the language utilized in the blog entry is “despicable.”

“We have proactively cut attaches with the creator of this post. While this post was made in, a long time back and 3 years before the Representative was sworn into office, the language in this is loathsome and the Senator doesn’t overlook these remarks,” a mission representative said. “Senator Gonzalez has battled for every South Texan, paying little mind to race or ideology, and will keep on doing as such.”


While addressing Fox News Computerized in July, McHale said the posts on his own blog are “parodies” and that he has never spoken with Gonzalez. When found out if he accepted it was fitting to utilize the slanderous language to allude to Flores, McHale answered, “Miss Frijoles? … I approve of it.”

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