Development of innovative ideas for startups

Startups are not burdened with the red tape that prevents larger companies from adopting innovative ideas and processes. By developing a good culture and framework for innovation early on, people can ensure that their company is competitive no matter how new it is. Using the collaborative approach of all employees, mentors, consultants, and even their competitors, startups can drive the creative process to generate game-changing innovations for themselves and their industry.

Old paradigm

The old paradigm of having a creative or research and development team seems to be fading and in any case, it is out of the reach of new companies. By harnessing whatever creative power is available (employees, business partners, customers), a startup can develop innovative ideas. The time it takes people to come up with creative solutions varies from person to person, but by putting thought and free time aside, you can unlock your true creativity. Once you are able to generate ideas, it is important to put them through a carefully designed process to maximize each idea.

Innovation process

Each innovation process to develop the initial ideas will look slightly different, but the core concepts will remain the same. Finding ways to encourage the creation of ideas that are then captured and qualified in some way, determined by your needs at the time, will increase the effectiveness of the process. People involved in the innovation process of startups need to be encouraged to take risks not only in generating seemingly abstract ideas, but also in developing these ideas. The important thing to control is the innovation testing process. If something is exploding and testing really well, you should be able to use resources as long as it makes financial sense. The more innovative ideas a new company can try, the more likely it is to find something that works. By removing barriers to creating and testing innovative ideas, it will allow a startup to develop some innovative concepts that could make the business a success.

Introducing the ideas

If the process is robust but the people who are introducing the ideas seem to be falling short, you can look to outside influences to trigger the initial idea generation. This can be accomplished by running a contest with staff and clients, brainstorming with a think tank, or even discussing market trends with your competitors. The important factor in not wasting any innovative ideas that you come up with is having a process to eliminate and test this idea as quickly as possible.


By setting aside resources such as time and money, you can develop and cultivate an innovative process that will grow as your new business grows. Take the time to innovate the groundbreaking process itself, and know when to feed or kill ideas as quickly as possible so you don’t waste time or other resources on ideas that don’t work. As a start-up, you have fewer resources to waste and therefore need to fine-tune your innovation process to be able to generate and test multiple ideas without wasting as many resources.

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