Drive Traffic to your website

If you’re in business and an online presence is crucial to your success, it’s not enough to just have a website. There are tens of millions of websites on every subject imaginable. How will prospects ever find you? They won’t – so you need to find them. You need to find easy and creative ways to drive traffic to your site—and even more important to convert that traffic to clients or customers. Here are some easy, no-low-cost ways to get started.

Presented below are three super tips to promote your website. Each one of these super tips has two main objectives. Bringing visitors to your website or blog and getting your website a high page rank in the search engines.

These three procedures or strategies are not difficult to implement, however, you must realize they will take time, effort, and persistence. You will not see immediate results but you will see results over a short time. These super tips to promote your website are also an investment in your online presence.

Search Engine Optimization

You can read of all kinds of eBooks, manuals, and instructions on SEO, and you learn a lot, some folks have told me that they’ve read so much about Search Engine Optimization only to walk away totally confused. So let me put a simple spin on it, and you can go from there.

By now, you probably know what keywords and keyword phrases are. You’ve also read or heard about search engines, especially Google, and how they just live content. Especially relative content. Just to be clear, relative content is the information being searched for by your target audience.

The simplest SEO strategy is to use keywords (the keywords you researched that you believe people are using to find you and incorporate them into informative, well–written content on your website. Do not overuse these keywords, limiting one keyword and one keyword phrase per page.

Article Marketing

This is my favorite Super tip to promote your website. For one reason, I like to write (of course), and if the article is well written (SEO) Google will pick it up quickly.

Whatever services or products you have to promote, just a pick relevant topics pertaining to your business, and select a researched keyword on the internet. Use Google search by searching “list of article directories”.

At the bottom of the article, you write is your resource box. This is critical to your website promotion, simply because you include you will include a link back to your website or blog. It’s best to visit one or more of these article directories.

Press Releases

Talk about effectiveness. Present the latest news or new information about your business website, put in couple of links, and submit the press release to one, maybe a few online press release distribution sites.

Not only will you get increased traffic to your website, but you’ll get one-way incoming links and placement in news search engines.

Maybe you have a new product being launched or want to announce an upcoming public event, and may be offering new services.  As long as it is newsworthy and pertains to your business, this is a super strategy to promote your website.

A few final notes… Google and other search engines love content. The more informative, valuable, optimized content you incorporate into your website, the more you‘ll enjoy online success.

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