FamilyTime Parental Control App | Cautious Things Your Kids Can Do Online

It’s not surprising to hear people say nowadays that if you want to know how to operate any technical system, ask a child, not kidding! Internet-enabled computers, tablets, and smartphones are all part of children’s lives, and children seem to be taking ducks to water in the internet age. Increasing exposure at such a young age to technology and the Internet means that parents now have to monitor not just what kids watch on TV, but also the information to which they can be subjected on the Web. The Internet offers children so many good things, but it can also leave them vulnerable to threats or even harmful individuals. All such web issues can be catered to by using the FamilyTime Parental Controls. Let’s see to what dangers your kids are exposed;

Clicking on email attachments from unknown senders

There are users still out there who don’t know they’re not allowed to access strangers’ email attachments? Even with today’s latest arsenal of exploits, the most possible means of acquiring viruses, worms, Computer viruses, and other infections are still email attachments. And since these attachments generally contain programs or executable files, they have the greatest ability to cause a home computer or region to be completely taken over – or lost.

Installing unauthorized applications

There are several free tools and applications to share files that allow users to share documents, photos, and music. But it has its cost to this independence. Progressively, the root of new viruses can be these apps. Guide your child to stay away from installing an unauthorized app on their smart devices.

Believe they’ve won something

We all get constant invites to participate in a prize draw or even texts that say we have won a great prize. You are almost always asked to include some personal information in order to receive the award. It’s important to teach kids that no one will give them a smartphone with the newest versions just because they send in their personal information.

Surfing gambling, porn, or other legally-risky sites

Website tracking and blocking software is the best way to make sure these pages are not accessed, even if certain users can get around it. Check out the free blocking software. If you want to prevent your child from gambling, porn, or any other illegal website, then the best solution is to install the FamilyTime parental control app. 

Taking parts in chatrooms and social sites

Your kids might enter chat rooms or social sites with full awareness. Cyber attackers can find your kids out, where they live, where they attend school, and lots of times what they look like; all of this simply by viewing your shared connections. Even if the chat room or social networking site is available only for friends. An attacker can still access information.

The sound solution is that parents should not leave their kids to their own smartphones. And that is obviously not possible. Parenting is an ever-evolving game, and it is tough for many of us to keep up with the new warnings that might scare our kids. This is why you should embrace technology that can change and simplify our lives. Get your hands to it and safe childhood with quality parenting!

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