Fashionable Straw Hats for Men

Straw hats for men are a welcome addition to men’s wardrobe as they complete the men’s fashion statement. For quite some time, baseball and modern caps become the trend, but with the recent fashion trends where vintage is in again, straw hats are making a strong comeback and can be worn whether you are sporting formal dinnerware or a casual wardrobe. More than the fashionable look you get from wearing one, the main purpose of such hat is to protect the head from the scorching heat of the sun.

For many years now, the material straw is popularly used as a high-quality component in making hats for men. Hats for men that are brimmed and woven with straw as their main material are referred to as straw hats for men. It comes in several styles and designs, but the common factor for all is that they are made up of woven straw. The process of making one is similar to the way felt hats are made. First, the hat is softened with the use of steam or they can also submerge it in hot water and afterward, form the hat by hand or by using a block as mold.

One of the most popular types of straw hats for men is the Panama hat. It is much more expensive compared to other types of hats made of straw because it has a more consistent and tighter weave. The straw from the Panama hat comes from the plaited leaves of a plant called tequila straw. Most hats are named in such a way that they represent the origin or the place where the straws come from. But regardless of the origin, straw hats for men are always durable, classy, comfortable and, most of all, fashionable.

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