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Video editing is part of the daily life of almost every digital marketer. With the advent of marketing on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, a simple and effective video can be the key to a successful ad. However, this is the roadblock to the decision to use a video editor. While we have many video editing programs to choose from, the truth is that they are either too expensive or too advanced for our purpose. A regular blogger, blogger, or digital marketer may not require Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas Pro. Here we are looking for a free video editor.

In this article, we have compiled a list of free video editing tools with different features. Search the article to find the right free video editor and learn more about how to use it.


If you’re not a professional video editor, Wave.Video is the video editing tool for you. Users admire this tool for its ease of use and visual platform. Wave.Video is widely used by small business owners, social media marketers, bloggers, etc. This free video editing tool contains over 400 million videos so you can add subtitles and auto-generated audio. However, in the free version, users have to settle for a watermark (also customizable).

The downside to this tool is that the free version only allows you to make 15-second videos. However, if your goal is to create short Instagram rolls, this is a boon. In another function, the free version of Wave.Video does not allow the export of HD videos or mp4 files.

Cell phone video

Mobile video can be your entry point into the world of video editing. With this super simple video editing tool, you can create professional videos without any prior knowledge. What sets InVideo apart from many others are the thousands of ready-to-use plugins, games, and stock images. It enables you to create attractive and high-quality videos on the go. In-video content is mainly used by entrepreneurs, business owners, dropshipping companies, agencies, digital marketers, and YouTube creators.

As an example of easy-to-use video technology, InVideo is very simple for beginners. They have 5,000 fully customizable video formats, 12 million royalty-free photos and videos, and automatic text-to-speech functionality. You can even create videos up to 15 minutes in length.


Animoto is a fast and limited-time video editor great for creating quick and fun social media short videos like content teasers, descriptions, product videos, and more. Allows you to change fonts, colors, sections, and aspects that are deeply similar. Animoto has an intuitive interface and can be played easily even if you have no previous video editing experience.

Animoto includes 1 million photos and videos from Getty, 3,000 audio tracks, and an easy-to-use interface for beginners. Users can also customize videos with their own branding color and logo. It allows unlimited video download in all applications and supports the export of SD 720p and HD 1080p videos. Animoto also supports sharing via social media channels. However, this video editing tool has limited templates, pictures, videos and sounds in free design.


Clipchamp is one of the most popular and widely used video editing tools. With Clipchamp you can create a video clip or edit an existing video. This video tool contains handy illustrated pop-ups with instructions to help you become familiar with the tool. Picture-in-picture allows the user to easily cover photos, slideshows and videos. This is a great tool for creating and recording tutorials and game modes.

Clipchamp has an attractive user interface. In addition, users can customize templates, audio clips, snapshots, and saved images. You can also upload snapshots directly from your phone and edit them later. It has the option of uploading directly to YouTube. However, in the free version, Clipchamp only allows users to save 480p videos, not 720p or 1080p. Fonts and overlays are limited in the free version and a video cannot be compressed.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a complex set of tools that you can use to create movies, pictures, graphics, and web graphics. The advantage of using Adobe Spark is that it offers a unique set of templates for different platforms. While Adobe Spark is a sophisticated tool, it’s packed with inspiring designs and templates that are easy to customize.

This tool is best for business owners, entrepreneurs, and students. Adobe Spark has a clean and simple user interface with helpful notifications to guide you. They have lots of attractive templates and themes that are easy to customize and that also come without watermarks. Adobe Spark supports several partners in one project. Videos can be customized with brand logos, colors, and fonts. It also supports sharing on various social networks.

To name a few, Adobe Spark has very limited video formats and no saved videos. This video editing tool has a very simple audio library. The free version has very limited features and video time is limited to 30 seconds. We are in the video

Aside from the basic video editing features, WeVideo has everything you need to create a video including stock video, audio, slow motion, screen recording, and integration with Facebook and Twitter. WeVideo is a cloud-based editing tool, just like In-Video, that allows you to edit videos without freeing up your storage space. That also makes it quick, flexible, and efficient. WeVideo is simple and professional video editing that can be done in the browser. The only major downside to WeVideo is the lack of pre-made templates, which means you can only work if you already have your own video. Highly recommended for educators, bloggers, gamers, and business people. This video editing tool has several additional features. Green screen, animated text, slow motion, webcam recording, etc. are some examples. WeVideo also offers the option to export audio separately. However, WeVideo is not a tool for beginners. The free theme also has very limited functionality and doesn’t have access to saved snapshots. WeVideo has a limited library of photos, snapshots, music, sound effects, and even a limited number of ready-to-use templates. Background effects and transitions also look old.

last words

In short, if you are a marketer or an entrepreneur, any of the tools above can help you create great videos that will give you the links and comments you want. So if you’re serious about improving your social media game, bookmark these free video editing tools and start testing to see if each one fits your current skill level, budget, and business needs. .

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