bedroom cupboard designs

Hall and bedroom cupboard designs for Indian homes

Cupboards are an indispensable part of any room. they make the room look organized and clutter-free. You can even spruce up your home interiors with stylish storage units by choosing the best hall or bedroom cupboard designs. Since every space is unique in itself and has different storage needs, you should pick up the cupboard wisely according to the requirement of the space. You should go for the cupboard design that fits your budget, finishes, sizes, patterns, and materials. Here are some trendy cupboard designs that you can consider for your space.

Bedroom cupboard designs

Your bedroom is the place where your heart lies. Have you ever seen a bedroom that doesn’t have a cupboard? For your bedroom, you can go for a walk-in wardrobe that will make your space look spacious and organized. You can also go for a wardrobe that comes with three doors or four doors. One of the greatest advantages of having a cupboard with sliding doors is that it is simple to use and looks elegant.

This cabinet also looks elegant and opulent. You can just walk into your bedroom without any obstructions because of the design which is spread all over the wall. Another great wardrobe idea for your room is to go for a wardrobe design that doesn’t have any handles.

The doors are designed in such a way that they provide a secure grasp. You can even add a wooden mirror to your wardrobe. This will serve the dual purpose of a dresser as well as a cupboard. Also, mirrors make your space look bigger and more spacious. Here you can save the cost of investing in a separate dressing table unit.

Small bedroom cupboards designs

If your room is small, you need to plan your wardrobe style smartly. You can go for corner wardrobes that can help you save space. These wardrobes are stuck in a corner so that the walking space in the room doesn’t get affected.

Here, you can utilize every bit of space in the room. in case your bedroom is small, you can go for cupboards that extend up to the ceiling. These are also known as wall-to-ceiling cupboards because they start from the floor and go up to the ceiling.

These cupboards offer extra space and also make your room appear bigger since they act as the fourth wall in the room. another suitable storage idea for compact rooms is to go for a bedside cupboard. You can even get these cupboards customized as per your needs.

You can even go for some storage drawers around the TV panel. By adding more open shelves you can create extra storage space in a small room. These drawers might look small but are very handy and keep your room clean and clutter-free.

Hall cupboard designs

For modern living rooms too, cupboards are essential storage units. You might be needing them in the form of bookshelves, TV cabinets, or even showcases. You can easily place a floor-to-ceiling cupboard on one of the walls in the living room.

Wooden cabinets are a great choice in such a scenario because they are budget-friendly, attractive, and can easily go with any décor scheme. For storing items and displaying showpieces in the living room, you can again go for a corner shelf.

In case you wish to create bold stamen in your living room, you can experiment with designs, styles, and shades of the cupboards. You can even go for cupboards in the modular kitchens to meet the storage requirements.

Cupboard design material

If you choose the right material for a customized cupboard, you can ensure that your storage units last for years. Some commonly used materials for cupboards are-

  1. Wood- It is a classic choice for bedroom and hall cupboards. It is sturdy, durable, and prone to scratches.
  2. Steel- Stainless steel is majorly used in offices to make cupboards. It is durable and brings an industrial look to the interior.
  3. Plywood- It is a super alternative to solid wood. The surface is done using veneer sheets. Plywood is versatile and offers plenty of options for designs and patterns.

To Sum It Up No house can indeed do without a proper storage unit. Since the size of modern houses has become smaller, storing things has become a major issue. People are always looking up ways to add cupboards and shelves to the given space so that they can get enough storage space.

They also don’t want to disturb the theme of the house and don’t want to make the house look too crowded. Modern-day interior designers understand that the choice of cupboards can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room interiors. They try to come up with the best bedroom cupboard designs, hall cupboard designs, kitchen cupboard designs, etc.

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