How Long Does It Take To Paint a Home’s Exterior in Denver, CO?

Painting the exterior of your home would give your house a refreshing new look, which is why a lot of people want to repaint the color of the exterior of their homes.

But painting could take a lot of time, especially if you are not experienced in doing it yourself. This is why there is an exterior house painting service in Denver, CO that would be able to help you since they could do it themselves, saving you more time, effort, and money.

So, how long does it take to paint an entire house exterior in Denver, CO?

What is the Difference Between Interior Paint and Exterior paint?
Despite what other people may say, there is a noticeable difference between the paint that you use for the interior of your home and the exterior part of your home.

Exterior paints have more resins making them much more flexible and could actually handle extreme temperatures, and there are some external paints that are oil-based.

Interior paints, on the other hand, are made to help in resisting marks and scuffs, making them easier to clean. They also have fungicides and are low in VOC making the air in the inside of the house much cleaner.

What is the best paint to use for exterior painting in Denver?

BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Pure White Exterior Paint and Primer in One
The BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Pure White Paint has a Greenguard Gold certificate has paint and primer combined into one, and even though the temperature is 35 degrees Fahrenheit, you would still be able to apply it. Though you may need to put on a second coat, it does a good job of brightening up the exterior of your home.

Diamond Brite Oil-Based Enamel Interior/Exterior Paint

If you want to buy paint that works in both the exterior and interior part of your house that would be able to give off a hard and shiny finish, then maybe the Diamond Brite Oil Based Enamel Interior or Exterior Paint is the perfect option for you. It takes a long time to dry and there are dozens of shades of colors you could choose from.

The Kilz Interior or Exterior Enamel Porch and Patio Latex Floor Paint

The Kilz Interior or Exterior Enamel Porch and Patio Latex Floor Paint would already be dry after one hour of applying it, it’s pretty easy to apply and it’s not expensive. You could use either a roller, brush or even an airless sprayer to apply it and you would be able to put in the second coat after 4 to 6 hours, depending on how big the area is that you are painting.

Exterior Painting Guide for Your Home in Denver

  1. Pressure wash your walls
    Before you start anything, you have to wash your walls. The best way to do that is by power washing them since it is the most effective way for you to be able to remove all of the dirt and dust build-ups on them.

You have to work your way from the top to the bottom so you would not have to go back up top and clean some of the first that went back up there.

  1. Repair any possible damages that you could see on the surface
    Once everything is clear since you just washed your wall, you would be able to see the surface of your walls and better assess any possible damages that are there. If you see some damaged surface on the wall, may it be wood, stucco, siding, metal, or masonry, apply fillers on the cracks, repair the damage as much as you can then lightly sand it.
  1. Remove any loose paint
    You have to make sure that the exterior of your house is dry already before you go back around and take notice of all of those chipped and loose paint. Remove the paint by using a paint scraper.
  2. If there are stains, prime them
    If there are any stains or woof knots that are visible in the exterior of your home, then you could apply a simple coat of primer that would be able to block the stain out. You could do this by using a paintbrush.
  3. Protect the doors, the windows, and the lights
    Before you begin painting, it’s best that you cover your doors, windows, and some of the lighting fixtures so that you would not get any paint on them. You could use a plastic sheet and seal it off using painter’s tape.
  4. Get to painting
    Now that you have prepared everything, it’s time for you to paint. You could use a paint sprayer so that it would be easier. You could apply one or two coats, depending on the intensity of the hue of the paint. If you want a smoother and more controlled way of painting, you could start painting from the top of the wall going down.
  5. Paint the trims and the doors
    Once you are done painting the walls of the exterior part of your house, you could remove the plastic sheets and then paint them as well. You could add two coats of semigloss paint color to any woodwork that is found in the exterior of your home, and use a paintbrush when you are painting the door.

How Long Does It Take To Paint the Exterior of a House in Denver, CO?

How long you are going to have to allot when you are painting the exterior of your home in Denver, CO would normally depend on how big your house is, what the weather conditions are when you are painting outside, and how many hours of man labor you are willing to put every day you are working on it.

When you have 4 people working on it, then you are going to normally have to take 3 to 4 days. When you have no proper knowledge in painting exteriors, then the numbers could easily increase.

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