How to Fix HDMI Port on Xbox One? [Updated 2022]

HDMI Port on Xbox One: Life has ups and downs. Similarly, devices or gadgets also have ups and downs in the form of errors.

It is good to look for the solution instead of focusing on the issue. Indeed, this article intends to provide you with the best solutions to fix the HDMI port on your Xbox One.

Seemingly, the HDMI port on any gaming console is as important as the door in a house. Moreover, it is the gateway for video output on Xbox One.

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In simple words, your Xbox One console must be connected to a TV screen via HDMI to access your favorite games.

But what if you can’t access the game or any content on the screen? Well, it may be either an HDMI issue or with the console itself.

Let the issue stand apart, and come let’s discuss the effective ways to fix the respective issue in the following article.

HDMI Port on Xbox One
How to Fix HDMI Port on Xbox One?

If you are on the same path, the following guide will help you to pass over the issue with some simple methods.

Restart Xbox One

Indeed, restarting the device is the traditional method to overcome minor technical glitches. Use the following guide to restart your Xbox One console.

Press and hold the Xbox button on your console to turn off the system.
Unplug the power cord from the power source.
Let the device be disconnected for 5 to 10 minutes.
Re-connect the device to the power source and Power On it.
Hopefully, your device must be working fine.

Check the HDMI Cable

Initially, verify the condition of the HDMI port and HDMI cable. Because a damaged HDMI port or cable cannot give you the proper video output.

Indeed, if the cable seems faulty, you can try using a new HDMI cable. In case the HDMI port itself seems damaged, your need to change the respective port with the consent of a qualified technician.

Update Xbox One

There may be instances where your Xbox One fails to recognize the HDMI output/input due to a software issue.

In such a case, you can solve the issue by updating the software on your device. You can use the following steps to update your Xbox One console.


That’s all to say about the simple and effective methods to fix the issues with the HDMI port on Xbox One.

Indeed, the above post includes the best methods that can help you fix the respective issue by yourself.

You can try contacting the Xbox support team for further queries or issues. Thank You.

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