How to Get Approved For a Bank of America Home Loan

With so many mortgage lenders offering home loan modification options to homeowners, there is a lot of information to review. You should know that Bank of America is a quality and reputable financial firm that can help you keep your home and obtain a mortgage modification.

Mortgage loan modification

However, it is quite difficult to obtain quality information to obtain a mortgage loan modification from Banks of America. Unless you are serious about applying for a mortgage modification, it is almost impossible to know the exact requirements and options. However, there are some simple things that all homeowners can do to increase their chances of being approved.

Bank of Americas

First, call the Bank of Americas home loss mitigation department and ask if they have any information on the general requirements for a home loan modification through them. This information will not be on your website, so it is very important that you get in touch and call or go to Bank of America to do so. If for any reason your mortgage loan modification application doesn’t meet your requirements, you won’t waste time or energy.

Financial Hardship

A Financial Hardship letter must be included with your mortgage modification application. This letter should state your difficulties, why a home loan modification is so important, and what your budget would be if a modification were approved. Therefore, before writing this letter, make sure you have a budget calculated with the expected new home loan modification.

This will also allow you to see if a mortgage modification is really the answer you need for your personal financial situation. The budget will show a potential lender, such as Bank of America, that you are serious about this, which could help tip the decision in your favor. It also shows that you have enough income to pay off the new home loan every month if approved.

Financial hardship

When writing your financial hardship letter, be sure to be very direct and honest about your problems. Be sure to include exactly what you can afford each month and include the rate at which it would be possible. Make sure they know that you will do everything you can to satisfy the home loan and the lender. Also, if you expect a positive change in your financial situation in the future, please inform Bank of America or the mortgage lender about it. The lender must be sure that you will be able to handle this new loan payment and will not waste any more money or time on your financial problems.

Never lie or tell straight truths

Never lie or tell straight truths in your hardship application or letter. Make sure everything you have written is completely accurate. Mortgage lenders, especially Bank of America, dislike homeowners who lie on applications and quickly reject them. Please check your work when you are done completing the application and check for errors. You don’t want to have to repeat this entire process due to a rejected application.

Letter to Bank of America

When you’re done, turn in the application and hardship letter to Bank of America. If they are satisfied that they have all the information they need, they will begin the review process of your mortgage loan modification application. The most important part of obtaining a Bank of America mortgage modification is a complete and accurate application, with all relevant documents and information included. If you take a little time and effort, getting approved for a home loan modification is not that difficult at all.

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