How to improve your leadership skills

How to improve your leadership qualities

Leadership involves the management of a team of people along with performing your own duties, even though there might be an increase in work pressure. These skills are a part of your personality. Here are some ways to improve your leadership skills.


It is very important for a leader to make every team member feel that he/she is important. If you are successful in doing so, they will willingly work for you. Here are some ways you can improve  their self-confidence:


As a team leader, it is essential that you should make your members feel important. You can do this by taking their suggestions for various problems, even though a solution is already in place.


It is very embarrassing when a team leader does not know your name. That is why it is important that you should remember the names of the people you are dealing with.


Discussing various subjects with your team can also help improve your interaction with the team. Remember not to argue with them, this can give an impression that the other person is wrong and so bring down the person’s self-esteem.


Everybody likes to be acknowledged for their good work. Make  sure you compliment your team members on their improvements, achievements,  or good work


Leadership is not about giving orders to your subordinates. It is important that you pay attention and sincerely show interest in your team members’ opinions.


Get to know the people you are working with. You should be up-to-date about the matters concerning your team members; whether it is related to work or any hindrances they are facing in life.


  • Some people don’t know how to be good listeners. During a chat with someone, they remember only half of the things said; this is a vital quality to process in leadership. Here are some points on how you can become a good listener:
  • .You should always be ready to listen; this can be done by staying alert; in your posture as well as your facial expressions.
  • Avoid distracting the person who is speaking to you
  • No matter what you think of the person, listen to him/ her patiently without your biased thoughts or else you won’t understand  what the other persons opinion
  • Group  thoughts or points in relation to a specific person so that you can remember them easily


  • Planning is a main constituent of managing team of people. Planning helps in  achieving goals easily. It also  prepares you for any uncertain even that might occur and this improves the leadership  skills in you.
  • Motivation
  • It is very important to motivate your team members by making them feel essential to the team.
  • Let them know about the things going on in the team
  • Allow the members to grown by giving them work that they are not used to


  • This is a key to leadership. You  should always keep discussing and listening to the team members so that they become comfortable working with you.
  • Discipline
  • No matter how friendly your team  member get with you, discipline is very important in the team. After all, this is their work place and they are supposed to follow some rules.That is why it is essential to know the person in order to set some discipline with him/her. Here are some ways you can discipline your team.
  • Discuss situations that went wrong, immediately after they happened. That way the situation is fresh in the teams minds.
  • If the incident is concerned with only one team member, talk to him/ her in private and do not let anyone else her you. That might embarrass  the person.
  • Listen to his/ her side of the story and be friendly to him/ her.
  • Avoid nagging on the same issue over and over again. This irritates the person involved.
  • Even though you might be upset or  angry at a particular team control your emotions in front of him /her and also try to control their temper.
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