How to sell your House Your self

If you wish to sell your house yourself there are some extremely important points for you to consider. Therefore I have taken this opportunity to write about the most important factors on how to sell yourself.

  1. Your property’s location is one of the most important factors. I understand you can’t just pick your home up and move it to a more desirable location, however the price that you offer will need to be realistic. There is no point in trying   to sell your home for a much higher price than other properties have sold for in the local area. Therefore I would suggest that you do your homework and find out what local properties have been selling  for.
  2.  What is the housing marketing like  at the moment? Just because you property was worth a certain price 2 to 3 years ago, do not wrongly believe  that it may be worth more today. We have been through a global recession over the past few years and property prices have declined alarmingly Therefore it is extremely important that you price your property in line with current market conditions.
  3. What is the condition of your property currently like? It is important  that prior to putting your house on the  market  that you allow a property inspector to value and appraise your home. When  you are selling your house  yourself, you may not be fully  aware of any defects or things that require immediate repair. You should try to sort the majority of these things out before you put your home on the market,  however it is also important to point out to many potential buyers things you haven’t managed to complete.
  4. Are you going to sell your house yourself and complete all the necessary work that is required or  are you going to use a real estate agent? Many people are put off from hiring an agent due to commission and fees that are charged. On average you can expect to  pay an agent 7%  of the total sale price. However, If you are not fully aware of everything that you need  to do when selling your house  yourself, you may be making a grave mistake in  not taking advantage of a real estate agent. With that being said there is plenty of information available online that can help you sell your home with the minimum of fuss.
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