How To Ship A Wide Brim Hat


Ready to send a wide-brimmed hat to a friend or loved one? This sentence is for you! Here are 5 easy steps to deliver a wide-brimmed hat and avoid damage.

Product presentation:

how to ship a hat is available in a variety of materials including polyester, cotton, nylon, felt, wool, and foldable straw. The best part is that it can be packaged and shipped without warping. However, there are still a few exceptions. Some wide-brimmed hats are designed and difficult to transport. It is always advisable to inspect the contents of the cap first to avoid any risk of damage to the cap. Some of them have written instructions for you.
Prepare the box:
The next step is to find a good box for shipping. If you are a preferred customer of Amazon, UPS, or other shipping services, you can use the old box if you are in short supply, square and good. Remove used labels to avoid delivery delays. If you have time, use a 16x16x8 box from Uline and other shipping companies. This type of box is large enough to hold a wide-brimmed hat or even a wide-brimmed hat. The other better option is a cheaper model than a larger box.
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Start with the heavier objects

This applies if you send other items with the cap. It is important first to establish a solid base for the hat. To do this, place a heavier object on the ground to prevent it from colliding internally.
Enter the crown:
When packing a hat, the most important thing is to fill the hat so that you don’t lose the hat design. It also helps keep the hat material in good condition. Take your old socks, t-shirts, and underwear, roll them up, and put them on your hat. Continue until there is no more space. This will help the wide-brimmed hat retain its shape.
Then carefully place it in the center of the box. The crown can be lowered or the edge can be lowered. If there is no information on the cap, you can determine based on the shape of the cap. You can add an extra charge so that the plug does not move around in the box. Sealed and shipped correctly:
Now is the time to send the hat off. It is important to close the box securely before shipping. Having problems with the packages is a problem that you also want to avoid. You can choose the service that suits you according to the delivery time and the price.
Choose from UPS, DHS, and FedEx for the safest and most efficient shipping to the United States. For the next day at a cheaper rate, use Priority Mail Express through the US Postal Service. On the other hand, DHL and DB Schenker are expensive but reliable services for international shipping.

Delivery costs depend on the weight of the package and its location. Larger boxes shipped overseas will cost more.
Shipping hats may seem difficult at first, but it is very easy. All you have to do is decide on your specific specifications, pack well, and choose reliable service. A wide-brimmed hat will arrive safely at your place in a few days.

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