How to Write One to Get More Followers

Before actually sitting down to write your Instagram bio, you probably never thought twice about it. But now that you actually have to sit down and write it, maybe you’re thinking like, okay, what am I actually supposed to be doing here? So your Instagram bio is really important because it’s valuable real estate.

You only get 150 characters where you get the chance to make a good impression for your brand. Your Instagram bio should welcome users to your profile, it should create a good first impression of your brand, and it should convey key information about your business and turn profile visitors into followers.

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But aside from writing a catchy description of your business, how else can you optimize your profile to make the most out of your marketing efforts on Instagram? So today we’re going to look at some good examples of Instagram bios, and I’ll walk you through how you can write one for your business.

What Your Instagram Bio Shoud Accomplish

Your bio should highlight essential information about your business, like your brand name and your category. You can edit these in your profile settings. It should provide your audience with a clear way to get in touch with you. So you can set this button to be an email, a phone number or a business address.

Your bio should convert Instagram visitors into leads by sending them to a page that either captures information like an email or makes a sale. It should also showcase your brand personality, matching your voice and style of your website as well as other social platforms.

What Makes An Impactful Instagram Bio?

To make an impactful bio, it’s going to want to accomplish a couple of things. First and foremost, it needs to be digestible and it needs to be easy to read so you can use short sentences or point form, but then it also needs to highlight essential information about your product or service.

Your Instagram posts could be a bit of a mishmash of different images and sometimes, you know, it’s not a hundred percent clear what you’re selling, so don’t overlook this one. And also you want to provide Instagram users with a way to get in touch with you. So next, you’re going to need to convince your audience why they need to pay attention to you.

What sets you apart? Help your target audience understand what makes your brand valuable to them. And I urge you not to just list out characteristics like sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free. I mean, that’s good, that’s a start. But you’re going to want to dive a little bit deeper.

Instead, describe your value, your vision, your mission, and just do this really simply. Summarize this in a couple of sentences, you know, the what, the why and the how of your business. All right. So let’s look at some examples here.

Hush Blankets

They’re a really good inspiration if you are in the lifestyle brands. Hush blankets they sell weighted blankets and honestly, they’re doing everything right here with their Instagram bio. They’ve organized their bio into point form just to make it really quick and easy to read. And then they tell you what they’re selling right there on the first line and that just makes it really easy for any customer to get it right away. So next line, they want you to know that they are a natural brand.

Here they’re basically just touching on what makes them valuable to a consumer. What sets them apart. And then they have another two lines that established social proof, so this is not going to be necessarily relevant for everyone, but it’s definitely a good idea to do if you have social proof. So for them, they were on Dragon’s Den and it says that they are trusted by over a hundred thousand people. So basically what this line, what they’re saying is, Hey, here is why you guys need to pay attention to us, we have something special going on here. And then this last line is that call to action.

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I’m actually curious though, like here, it says that you can win some free hockey tickets. So I want to click in and see what that’s all about. So here they’re probably just trying to capture customer information, so let’s go ahead and click and yeah, so they have basically just use that valuable real estate to start getting potential customers’ phone numbers. And I think that’s a really great way to start building your database and you can definitely do something just like that for your own business. So hush blankets did a really good job, they hit every point that we talked about and then some.

Cold Picnic

Alright, Cold Picnic. So if you are in the home goods industry, cold picnic is going to have a really great example for you. Um, they sell rugs that I’m like actually obsessed with and their Instagram bio is really good as well. Um, it has all the elements, so it’s really neatly organized into separate lines. And by the way, if you’re not sure how to do a separate line, it literally took me a year to figure this out. So, to do a hard return.

All you have to do is press enter and then the numbers icon is going to be there. And then there’s going to be a return button that pops up and that’s how you do a hard return. So hopefully that’s helpful. Okay so like I said, neatly organized into separate lines, which is great, but then they did something a little bit different. So on the first line they put the names of the business owners. So this isn’t something that we necessarily talked about in the beginning of the video, but it seems like it makes sense for their business. So of course there’s a framework, but if there is a variation that you want to do for your bio, definitely do it if it makes sense for your business.

Next they put what their business is and what sets them apart, all in the same line, that’s truly magical. And then after that, they have their call to action. So they want you to email them. But you know, for business profiles, you actually have the opportunity to create a contact button where you can put your email there. So it’s not a hundred percent necessary, but it does help for SEO purposes.

Marshall Columbia ( Apparel )

All right, so I’m looking at Marshall Columbia here, and they are a really great example if you are in the fashion space. So they have a very understated bio, basically they have, they want you to know that they’re being carried at SSENSE. They want you to know that they are based out of Brooklyn. And then after that they just have their URL. So I really liked this bio because I think it makes sense for their vertical and their industry.

They’re in high fashion, so they probably are not going to have like stats and testimonials, but they might have like handles that, establish a bit of clout or maybe handles a very influential people on their team. So, um, I think this is a really great example if you are in fashion, especially if you are in high fashion.

Pop Pilates ( Digital Products )

All right. So next up is Pop Pilates. So if you are in the space of selling digital products, like maybe an online fitness class. Pop Pilates is going to give you some really good inspo. So the first line is where strength meets flexibility. And I think that’s great because right away we get a value proposition, we can see that not only is it a strength class, but it’s also a flexibility class. And also this could be a double meaning because maybe they mean that they offer flexible classes.

I don’t know, next line, it says that they offer 24 hour fitness, which means that you can gain access to fitness training 24/7. Then we have some social proof, Cassie Ho she she’s the owner of the brand. And then they top it off with a call to action to take a virtual class or become an instructor with that link below. So this would be a really great example of what a bio could look like, if you did have an app or if you sell classes or if you have any digital product.

Nona Vegan ( Home Goods )

All right, Nona Vegan. So if you’re selling food, whether that is supplements or meal kits, Nona Vegan is going to be a really good example of what your Instagram bio could look like. So right away, we know she sells creamy Italian sauces. We know she is gluten-free, vegan, keto friendly. And then also this next line really shows what her brand values are and what she supports.

It says that she is women owned and queer owned and run, so she supports LGBTQ plus community, and I think that’s really great as a niche definer in the food industry. Next line, she’s got some social proof. She says that she’s been in business since 2013. And then finally she has a very clear call to action, which I really love. Um, it says in the fridge section, with an arrow pointing down. And that is a hot tip that’s going to help you get some more people clicking on your link, so you can use a down arrow to get more people clicking on your link.

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I just think overall she’s done a really good job with her bio. So make sure that you’re taking some notes, especially if you are in the food industry. Okay. I feel like those were all really good, but they’re all very serious. So I’m going to pop in a few more examples on the screen here so you can see that you can still get your point across, but maybe like have a little bit more fun with it. All right. So next let’s go over some frequently asked questions because I know you guys have them too, but before we hop in, let’s just actually talk about something really quick here.

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Shopify takes care of the logistics with shipping. You have beautiful templates that you can choose from so that you don’t have to worry about being like a professional designer or anything. And everything is just super seamless and centralized with Shopify all the way from your marketing to actually making those sales. So if you do want to get started with Shopify, we actually do have a 14 day free trial that you can use. Um, I know I took advantage of it before actually starting my online store. And I think it just really helped me feel a lot more comfortable. And so if you want that, make sure that you’re clicking the link in the description box so that you can test it out for yourself, play around, see how you like it, and you can start building your beautiful branded store for free.

Instagram Bio FAQ’s

All right, so onto the Instagram bio FAQ’s. So the first question is how many characters are you allowed in Instagram bio? So as of 2021, you have 150 characters. And I know that seems like a lot of room for your content and it can be, but your word choice just has to be really concise and impactful. How do you put a clickable link in your Instagram bio? So to add a link to your Instagram bio, you’re going to want to open your Instagram app, visit your profile by tapping that little person icon in the bottom right.

Then tap, edit profile at the top of the screen, and then add a link to your website or your landing page in the format of And then if you pressed done, then you’re going to want to save your bio and you’re good to go. How do you center an Instagram bio? To center your Instagram bio, you’re going to want to open the notes app on your phone. Then you’re going to create new note. So pace your bio and add spaces to it. Copy the bio from your notes, by selecting all of that, including the spaces that you’ve made, and then open the Instagram app and go to edit profile in the bio section, you’re going to paste that text.

Now, the amount of spaces that you add to the text will dictate if it gets centered or not. So if it’s not centered, all you have to do is go back to your notes and just adjust the spaces as you like, how do you edit an Instagram bio? To edit your business information on Instagram. You’re going to start by going to your account. Tap edit profile, under public business information, you can edit the following. The Facebook page that your Instagram account is connected to, your business category, and business contact info. Once you’ve finished updating your business info, tap done to return to your profile. How do you add a location to your Instagram? To add a location of your business on Instagram, what you’re going to want to do is you’re gonna want to go to your Instagram account.

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Then you’ll tap, edit profile under public business information. You can edit your company location. Once you’ve finished updating your location, tap done to return to your profile. All right, so that is it for the FAQ’s, but I actually just want to tell you a little something. So if you want to learn how to grow and monetize your Instagram account, then you’re gonna want to sign up for this free workshop. It has field tested Instagram marketing tips, and you’re going to learn how to grow your Instagram audience, and you’re gonna learn how to monetize it with an online store. So if you’re interested in this, you can click the link right here to register now.

All right, so now on to one of my favorite portions of the video, that’s where I answer your guys’s comments. So I’m actually just looking at this comment here, which I thought was really interesting. Someone said, um, thank you so much for the tips, but I want to make sure that I’m doing marketing activities that are for sure going to get me sales. So I actually thought this comment was really interesting because with marketing it’s never guaranteed. I think a lot of marketing is about knocking on doors and continuously showing up and continuously putting yourself out there. So if you’re feeling frustrated that your marketing isn’t showing results yet, or it’s not paying off, don’t worry.

It will in the future, it’s all about trial and error, you just gotta keep putting yourself out there. Instead of sitting back, because you’re not sure what’s going to work and not trying anything. I think the key is really to get out there, just try something and see what sticks. If you thought this video was helpful, we actually have an entire curated playlist that’s going to give you even more tips on how to level up your marketing, level up your Instagram game. But other than that, make sure that you’re leaving any questions in the comments section. I will try to get back to each and every single one of you.

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