Huge Percentage Of 93,000 Overdose Deaths In 2020 Involve Digital Currencies

Willam Callahahan, former veteran to enforce the law with more than two decades as a special customer to manage drug implementation (DEA) and the Kalahan, showed that a huge percentage of 93,000 deaths over 2020 in the United States with currencies Digital is accompanied. During the presentation and discussion of a separate team about research on criminal activities about the coisdeek conference of New York Conference in New York, two content is currently describing the director of government and strategic affairs in the information group, the importance of the tools used in the decomposition And analysis of legal blocks to identify criminal activity.

“What was used on the early days of hand-coding. Or twice done three minutes with the instrument. “This is a bonus because these more costs on the pursuit of bad man Kalahan said that the use of your platform.”

Kalahandi speaks about Qlue, a vital research tool in tracking, tracking, and monitoring “spiral activities about currencies, exchanges, and competencies.  It also helps fight terrorist financing, money laundering, and electronic crimes. Most importantly, it helps you find the assets you have earned. Tablets with a lot of fentanyl. It is possible to eliminate a large number of these deaths because virtual capital providers help them discover criminal activity. Specify where money is sent or when these criminals are effectively tracked. This leads to record.  Knowing how to use data in the public blockchain is very important. “We The player here as a player has seen or participated in Metaverse, but in contact with a terrorist organization. Governments began to organize virtual power providers as well as threatened.  “What about doing this is that they are a single division of only outside of the other time, so they can park safely somewhere and put in a cold work and chain Make or make cash Course the funds of the victims, “Detect the Kalahan”. None of the law has none of the law, and not enough to say that one does not know that this particular treatment can be directly sold to someone who has sold the feudal string, For example, causes over-dose. The virtual asset provider can be connected to crimes if nuclear drug money.  That is why institutions in the digital currency industry, such as exchanges, governors, cushions and other service providers, are required to be alert to organizations and criminal activities. In fact, their legal commitment to do this. See discussions about different concepts and speeches.

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