Importance of PSD to WordPress Conversion

Earlier, website development and designing was a complex process involving too many processes and steps. First, we should have a PSD design of the website, and then it should be encoded in a powerful markup language so that it can be launched in a browser but now all these can be done hassle-free using WordPress conversion.

So let’s discuss what WordPress is WordPress is a popular and powerful open-source CMS that provides a lot of flexibility and so many additional features to be added to your website. PSD to WordPress conversion is a highly advanced technology and is also very user-friendly. It’s very easy to update, install and import files and helps in the smooth operation of the website.

Salient Features of  WordPress include:

  • Full Standard Compliance
  • WordPress pages
  • Password protected posts
  • WordPress link  and  themes
  • Easy installation and up-gradation.

In WordPress conversion, the PSD file is integrated by using WordPress. WordPress can also be sued for controlling and managing web content. By slicing a PSD file and coding it with the most popular blog publishing application – WordPress, it is easy to get a ready-to-use WordPress theme/template.

The main steps involved  in the conversion of PSD to WordPress process for designing a web portal are listed below:

  • Analyze PSD file:
  • Break PSD into HTML
  • Sliced PSD file
  • PSD into HTML and CSS
  • Integrate HTML/CSS by WordPress
  • Testing

Due to these facts and features, the demand for converting PSD to WordPress has increased a lot. A professional WordPress developer can be hired for the conversion of PSD to WordPress. An expert will surely have the skill to efficiently convert PSD to WordPress according to our requirements. While you go for hiring a developer, make sure that the conversion is done in WordPress 3 template. WordPress 3 is loaded with many sophisticated features to boost the performance of your site. Not many are offering the conversion in WordPress 3. So you have to make sure about that. Also, confirm that the service provider you hire has the required skill and expertise to do the conversion. The conversion will be good only when done efficiently. We also have to track the profile and portfolio of the service provider to know about the industry experience. Quality and time factor also is important. Now that you have an idea about conversion of PSD to WordPress. It’s possible for you to choose a service provider easily who can create the website according to your needs and requirements.

The author is an expert is online web portal design and development and has done PSD to WordPress conversion.

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