Is GameStop Going Out of Business?

I can say without a doubt that I go to GameStop for all my gaming needs. I love the store I like to browse and look for hidden jeweler. I enjoy pre-ordering games, buying used games and chatting with friendly staff, albeit a bit obsessively.

Aside from the great refund policy for used games and sometimes reasonable prices, I really don’t think of GameStop as a generous, budget-minded company. I already know they are here for the money and they usually deliver fairly.

I know they buy my old toys for Coca-Cola hats and sell them for gold bars. With all of this, I still love GameStop. If you are a gamer how can you not?

That worries me. Think GameStop is a necessary bad friend or a necessary evil. Whatever it is, you know what I mean, they are like your drug dealer when you are addicted to crack. He doesn’t really care about you, but he has what you need and he is always there when you need him.

That being said, I’m scared of losing my trader and that’s why.

  1. GameStop is in a crazy attempt to get rid of its inventory. I bought 47 games for $108 with delivery in two days.
  2. Rumors, Hopi Indians, web bots and even rumors from the NSA point to the digital-only gaming market. All downloads… No more need to buy CDs or cassettes.
  3. GameStop is not a publisher or developer. This is a retail store, like Best Buy, and if you haven’t heard of it, they are closing a number of stores.
  4. GameStop no doubt bought Kongregate to diversify its revenue streams.

Of course I dream, but the future doesn’t look bright for GameStop. Or that? After all, GameStop has built a toy empire, a Mecca, a military-industrial complex, a global healthcare system, a stinky child’s utopia, a toy store that Donald Trump is proud of. You certainly have something up your sleeve. Please tell what is the story of these big puppies…..

I know one thing for sure

GameStop executives are working hard to survive the next game’s apocalypse. You know, these were predicted by the Maya. You can bet GameStop tables are narrow and narrow. And in this environment they survive and survive, or they change their business model and aim at the “release” of browser games.

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