Meghan and Harry’s lives have changed for the better

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s lives have changed for the better ever since they welcomed their daughter Lilibet earlier this year.

A source spoke to Us Weekly and revealed how the newest addition in their family has changed the worlds of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“Every day just gets happier. There’s just so much love and gratitude and they couldn’t ask for more,” said the insider.

“Harry adores Lili and loves reading her bedtime stories and rocking her to sleep. He has a real magic touch,” said the insider.

“The Sussexes do have nannies to call on when their schedules get crazed, but they’re still extremely hands-on and try to keep the hired help to a minimum for the most part,” they went on to say.

“It’s been easier for them with Lili in many ways, even though it’s twice the work, technically, because they’ve been able to use a lot of the techniques they learned with Archie and take care of things like feeding or bathing without too much fuss

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