NCB has made Aryan from superstar’s son to a super-duper

Indian director Ram Gopal Varma says Aryan’s  arrest has already made him a ‘super-duper star.’

Turning to his Twitter on Wednesday, the director expressed his opinion about the ongoing bail plea hearing of Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan, dubbing the star kid a hit amongst people already.

“All genuine and intelligent fans should thank the great NCB for making their SUPER STAR’s son into a SUPER DUPER STAR ..As a ‘s the genuine fan I just want to shout JAI NCB,” he wrote.

“I will take a bet that in the coming future Aryan khan will say he learned about life much more in jail and from NCB than from his own  In a similar post, Varma continued, made his son a superstar just by being his father but NCB is making him a SUPER SENSITIVE ACTOR by showing another side of life not controlled by his father thereby making him understand ground realities to bring in terrifies into his performances and personality.

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