Nose Ring Revolution in America

Did you know nose rings are the second most popular type of piercing in the world? They follow closely behind belly button piercings and are rapidly becoming more widespread as time goes on. They are very common in teens in general today. As more teens get the piercings, what will happen with popular rings? There are many types available today that are catching the eye of everyone around the United States.

The most popular type of nose ring is nostril piercing. This includes any part of the skin or cartilage on the nose. Most of these piercings are done on the bend in the nostril when it is flared. It is done on this spot because it looks natural and is the most comfortable spot for jewelry wearers.

One type of nostril piercing that is recommended to look for is a captive bead ring. A captive bead ring is similar to what you would see someone wearing in their cartilage. It fits into a small opening in the circle of the ring and is a little bit bigger than that opening. This is so popular for nose rings due to the fact that it lets the wearer remove the ring by taking off the captive bead. They do not snag on clothes, hair, or furniture because they are circular and have a closed shape so they are good for those who are in the healing stage.

For those who are looking for a faster healing process, barbell piercings are advised. These rings are made of a straight bar that has beads on both ends. The ends are unscrewable so you can remove or change the beads. There are different types of these piercings including internally threaded, externally threaded, curved circular, and surface barbells. This is a good ring to use when you are going through the healing process along with the captive bead.

Another type of nose ring that is worth considering is a nose stud. Many people get these when they are supposed to follow a dress code for work or school. They are easy to remove and insert but are hard to see. The sizes of them can come very small and that is why they are so popular. Whether it’s a big captive ring or a small diamond stud, there are many types of piercing for your nose available today. The Best way to find them is to ask your cosmetologist. There are many possibilities to express yourself through these unique rings. Nose rings are become a revolution in America. Separate yourself from the crowd with this outstanding jewelry; you won’t regret it.

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