Planning To Advertise Your Self Storage Unit

Marketing plays an important role in the establishment and growth of any business. It is no different for self-storage businesses too. You can appeal to your potential customers through your ads. Careful and well-planned advertising campaigns can increase your business many folds. A good advertising campaign always gives a good ROI. While planning your campaigns you should also be careful with what your promise in your ad campaigns. Your promises should be realistic and practical. Never try to promise the moon to them when that is not possible for you. Making nonpractical promises would land you up in legal battles. That is why you should never oversell. Your customers might rely on the claims you make in your ads. If you make false promises to make your ads more appealing, they may get you customers but when the truth is realized or when they find your service is not up to the mark, they will be satisfied.

Your marketing activities should be governed by ‘truth in advertising. Be it brochures, calls with customers, websites,s or signage, you should always see that the statements made are true. For example, you can never guarantee the security or safety of tenants’ belongings. So it is better not to use words like ‘guarantee’ unless it is reeled to your customer service. So is the case with other words or phrases. You have to carefully choose your marketing material. You can find many instances where the consumers dragged the facility owners to the courts on false representations and many of those cases were won by them too.

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Not only your marketing material but also your rental agreement should be prepared with utmost care so that you avoid lawsuits in the future. Your rental agreement should have provisions covering all these issues and features. It should talk about the responsibilities of the customers like the care, access control custody of the items stored. It should clear the state of the customer is responsible for insuring his items. The total value of the stored items should be noted in the agreement.

Logically speaking, no one can give an absolute guarantee of the safety of the items stored in their storage facility. Whatever measures you may take, theft is always a possibility. Good getting damaged due to natural forces like water, fire, etc. sometimes maybe can be. Also, failure of gate systems and alarms is very much likely at some points in time however reliable equipment they might be. In some cases, the activity is recorded by the cameras but may not be monitored all the time.

As stated above you should be honest when you are in conversation with potential customers. It is better to give the correct answers without hiding anything. If the clients inquire if any theft or damage to the goods ever happened, you should tell him the truth. You should reveal if any such incident occurred. Your lie might win that customer but if he comes to know about the past incident at a later point of time he might sue you for not revealing the truth. You can try to convince the client by telling how you strengthened security or measures you have taken to prevent such instances.

Despite these careful measures, there can always be a chance that someone could be in court for damage to his items. So, it is very much advisable to be clear and honest about your services.

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