Purple Eye& Gold Eye Makeup Tutorial

Are you getting married or having a big party in the future? I’m sure you’ve already chosen clothes, shoes, jewelry, and hair. But have you ever thought about painting? There is nothing worse than a quick last-minute makeup! Avoid unnecessary stress and practice painting on how you should test and prepare your colors.

Party is the perfect time to sharpen your makeup. Color choices are influenced by clothing but are made by adding a pop of bright color to the center of the lid. If you are looking to be inspired by makeup, here is a step-by-step guide to combining one of my favorite nights, such as purple and gold eye shadow, black eyeliner, and mascara.

1. Skin preparation

It all starts with beautiful skin. No matter how tired you are, wash your face every night and eat a nutritious dinner. After bathing and tanning in the morning, apply a moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher. Wait until the moisturizer is completely absorbed to avoid streaking.

2. Use primer and foundation.

On special days, if you do not want your makeup to bleed, we recommend using a long-lasting base. Start with the part you want to cover most (usually the chin) with your foundation (liquid or powder), then apply gently on the face and neck until you are satisfied. Lower the line by placing a small base near the eye area.

3. Pay attention to your cheeks.

Apply a dab of blush along the cheekbones starting from the middle of the eyes and sweep gently. As you swipe up, your face is pulled upwards, creating an optical illusion that makes you look thinner. Be careful if you use the face too far away from the chin as it can see your face. Brush in one direction to avoid scratches. If you use too much blush, you can touch the powder ready to tone it.

4. Hide the black circle.

The soft mineral texture covers dark circles or small skin blemishes without closing the pores.

5. Use of eye shadow

Apply a light blush on the upper eyelid, inside the eye, and under the eyelid to focus and define the eye. Dip the brush head into the deep purple eye shadow. Paint with the outer corners and creases of the eye to increase depth. Mix until there are no more rough edges and everything is smooth. Add a glowing golden eye shadow to the center of your eyelid. 6. Eye line

Draw the eyeliner on the upper and lower lashes with black eyeliner, then widen the lines on the lashes to form the wings. Using a thin eyeliner brush, apply golden eye shadow to the lower lash line to add some shine.

7. Curl your eyelids and apply mascara.

Curling your eyelashes can give you the best results. Your eyes will immediately look bigger and bigger. A good mascara can also enlarge your eyes in time. Apply once on all lashes. For the second application, focus on the area to see the big eye. For more accuracy and to avoid lumps, use a thin mascara stick. 8. Apply lip gloss and lip gloss.

Complete the look with bold lipstick. For more shine, add a little glitter to your lips.

8. Have fun

No need to worry about makeup anymore! You are all beautiful and ready to love the party! Relax and enjoy!

Simona Groya is the founder of Sheer Blends, a Canadian beauty company based in New Market, Ontario. The blended products are 100% natural and herbivorous, non-abrasive, and do not contain any chemicals, pesticides, modified ingredients, gluten, candy or dyes.

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