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Do you play Qourdle Daily? Do you want to learn more about it? Then, please read this post and find out!

Do you know the impact Wordle has on word-game lovers? The web-based game received fame quickly, and fans can now not stop themselves from solving the Wordle puzzle each day.

The game is popular in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and other countries. And did you know that are several new alternatives and different versions of Wordle available on the Internet for free to play?

Yes, there are numerous Wordle alternatives launched by different developers to engage more fans to their specific needs, for example, Qourdle Daily. Let us learn more about it.

What is Quordle?

Quordle.com is a website dedicated to a new trending word game, Quordle and not Qourdle The game is similar to Wordle and allows players to solve 4 Puzzles at a time.

Yes, Quordle is the perfect alternative to Wordle for those who want to expand their thinking abilities and solve more than one Wordle puzzle each day.

Quordle allows you to solve the 4 Wordle puzzles withing 9 guesses. It also releases daily puzzles. The ‘daily ‘word is trending along with the game’s name.

How to play on Qourdle com?

The rules of Qourdle are similar to Wordle. Once you enter the letters in the titles, their color changes to inform you of the following things:

Yellow tile: The letter is correct but in the wrong spot

Grey tile: the Letter is incorrect; that is, the letter is not in the target word.

Green tile: the letter is in the correct spot.

Players have to guess all 4 words within 9 guesses; all these words will be different. And each day, you get a new Qourdle puzzle to solve.

History of Qourdle:

On Qourdle com, the developer, Freddie Meyer, revealed the true story behind the creation and launch of Qourdle.

The developer had read about the popular Doodle game in the news and started playing it with his friends. Doodle allows you to guess two Wordle words within 7 guesses, and the task was difficult for everyone.

Soon, David Mah, a friend of Meyer, hacked together Quordle’s prototype. And sooner than we thought,  Meyer launched the game after improving the codes of Quordle.

Earlier, Quordle only had a dozen players each day, and later after successful recognition in decent news articles gained all the attention and love.

People’s reaction: Qourdle Daily

Wordle alternatives that cater to the specific needs of the players are receiving more attention these days. For example, the improved and harder version of Wordle, Qourdle, is played and loved by many players. You must have seen players sharing their Qourdle scores daily.

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