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In addition to the expectations of fairness and commitment from a leader, I have learned that the most important attribute required for a good culture is leadership. Followers think they can trust their boss and how confident they are about their success and communication. Some of the key points are consistent relation to the correctness of the message/communication. respect, credibility, and integrity; performance and preparation. Followers, supporters, donors, and members get frustrated and frustrated when leaders disagree in these areas. “The secret to success is harmony in goals,” said Benjamin Disraeli. It seems that many leaders want to choose the one that is easiest, easiest, least confrontational, and least confrontational. After more than 30 years of working in the cultural consulting industry, I think someone who seeks more prestige than usual by doing the right thing shouldn’t be a leader.

 Good leaders start with a vision that not only encourages them to be successful but also encourages others to lead and act for themselves. How can you expect someone to get a discrepancy or a language change? While it is effective and appropriate for leaders to make adjustments and changes when needed, these changes should be in line with the vision set and be aimed at helping the organization achieve its goal.

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Basic Business

In this article, I’ve outlined some business practices and procedures that will help you improve your relationships and improve your perspective on everyone.

  • Easy to maintain

It is not easy to be honest. Saying “please”, “thank you”, “welcome” or “little apology” is easy. These words show that one is thinking of the other. Even if a person isn’t good and isn’t your favorite, it’s better to be honest than to lose rank. be kind and friendly

  • Relations should be friendly and easy. Also, let’s smile.

Say “no” appropriately: say “no” in a good voice. Sometimes the word “no” breaks my heart. So use it wisely. hold the door

It’s not just about men’s rights. Yes, men should always hold the door for women and allow them to enter or exit first, but women are not exempt from holding the door for adults or people with full hands.

  • Do not dress in public

If something needs to be picked, digging, combing, or any other cleaning, don’t do it in a joint venture. Bring your personal needs to the bathroom or wait until you get home.

For women, it is recommended to apply a small amount to the lips quickly and individually, without using a mirror. But it is not legal to take out a bag of cosmetics and start blushing.

  • All ringtone

The first thing you need to do when entering a public place is to put your phone on vibrate. Remember, you don’t have to answer every call. Use the voice.

If you know this is important, please excuse me and go to the lobby or another room to answer the call. Keep your call time short and let the caller know they will answer the call as soon as possible.

  • continue the conversation

Don’t bring up topics like money, religion, or politics when attending meetings, whether at work or in the community. The contents are a barrel of powder waiting to explode.

Also, please don’t speak loudly, shout loudly, or use abusive language.

Simply put, a simple conversational attitude is an expression of emotion. Expressing these values ​​shows that you have a rank and a good breed.

Basic Business

Domain extension

Domain extension is important

We recommend that you use multiple extensions and multiple domains of your domain name. This will help protect your name online and protect your domain name. You can set up redirects so that when visitors go to one of the other sites you own, they are incorrectly redirected to your website.

What are domain extensions and TLDs?

The top level domain (TLD) is the part after the last dot (eg .com). The extension name is anything that comes after the name you choose (for example,

Extensions are usually top-level names, but sometimes contain top-level names and national secondary codes (ccSLDs).

Example (main type):

CO.ZA-> domain extension

co.ZA -> top level domain -> second national digit

In the image above, ccSLD represents a company. The TLD further describes South Africa.

Who and what do you need to secure your domain name

“Registered teachers” will be an extension of the existing list. They buy it cheaply and then resell it to someone interested or someone who already has the same domain name but with an extension. In the latter case, buy names with multiple extensions to protect your name online and protect others from similar owners. Experienced people often sell their brand for more than the purchase price.

You must also protect your domain name from “car thieves”. When your website gets more traffic and traffic, some unscrupulous (lazy) people will try to “borrow” some of your traffic on their own. This car thief will buy a car with the same name as you but with a different one. This brings two advantages. First, when someone searches for your website through a search engine, the website is very likely to appear in the search results. This is a shortcut that immediately gives you better search rankings. Second, someone trying to visit your website may mistakenly log in and visit a Traffic Robbers website. Think about all the work it will take to make your website famous and ultimately get more traffic. Then, just by purchasing a similar name, imagine someone coming to “share” the reward for your hard work!

Protect your domain name and protect your name online!


Main domain extension

.com (industry)

One of the first leading sites and became the first implementation of TDL. Any natural or legal person can use this TLD.

.net (network)

Also one of the best administrators. Originally intended to be used only by network providers, any person or organization can now register.

.org (organization)

Although this organization is often associated with non-profit organizations, any natural or legal person can subscribe to these links.

.biz (Business)

Used by industry, it was designed to provide alternative means of marketing and the application of good names for use with major .com names. .edu (education) – Used primarily by schools, especially in the United States. Only colleges accredited by one of the schools on the U.S. Department of Education’s list of nationally accredited institutions can apply for .edu domains. This expansion is a first for schools around the world.

.info (information)

– For news sites, but not restricted in use (anyone can get this link). .info is one of the many links to take the burden off domains. .gov (Government) – This extension is used by US government agencies. It is governed by the General Services Administration (GSA), an independent government agency. The United States is the only country with a special government for senior leaders in addition to senior leaders. This is due to the origins of the US government-sponsored Internet search network. Other countries often use first names for this purpose. .mobi (mobile) – This extension is intended to provide internet access for mobile devices. Hello, I’m I’m Soon (pronounced soo-ney).

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