Smart wool Sock vs. Traditional Wool Socks

The first thing which comes to your mind about the team wool socks is either your great grandma’s knitting club or the modern clothes industry with brands and mass-produced socks, isn’t it? What are the important differences between the two?

First of all, wool is made by God himself, he gave wool to the sheep, and you get the godsend features! Wool keeps the sheep very warm, even when it’s wet. Wool keeps you warm in the winter but doesn’t in the summer, believe it or not. Wool is very durable fabric, wool socks can last you for a very long time. It’s much harder to get blisters with wool socks. Unlike synthetic fabric, wool doesn’t block the airflow. All in all, it’s a good example of 100% natural material which cannot be made better by human


Human has their role in making the fiber for knitting and socks. Also, humans have some special needs apart from the sheep. Wool is wicking and in the modern age more and more people are oversensitive to this kind of itching. Some people are too sensitive: they can it can allergy- the modern kind of decease. You might experience some bad smell from your feet if you use the wool socks regularly on bare feet.

Smart wool socks are manufactured with great care, during the whole process: all kinds of allergic content is removed and there are several other improvements over traditional fabricated wool. Smart wool is made from the special breed of sheep from New Zealand, you could call it “super Merino”. The fabric is made of 90 percent keratin, which is a resilient protein. Keratin is actually resistant to bacteria and chemical attacks, which this why Smart wool is really “smart”. Needless to say, this keeps your skin healthy, but this also avoids the bad smell. This super wool is made of an extremely fine micron, between one-tenth and one–third the thicknesses of human hair. This avoids the itching.

It’s a huge step further from keeping your wet skin warm; The cuticle cells of Smart wool are coated with wax, which helps to keep water any kind of liquid away. It really makes the liquid into a vapor and releases it into the atmosphere.

Like any high-quality wool, Smart wool is very durable under all conditions. It can withstand kinds of wear and tear. Try the Smart wool socks, your feet never felt so good. It’s still 100% natural, only then the traditional sock. There is one disadvantage. The price, A pair of smart wool socks will cost you about 15$ but given the durability, this is not an expense but an investment.

Last but not least, you surf the internet to find out about socks and even buy them online, while your grandmother had a completely different set of social activities related to socks. Every village had slightly different sock design habits, and ultimately, every handmade pair was unique Knitting back then was what Nokia wants to do today- connect people. During the Cold and long winter days, women gather together to talk and have fun while keeping their hand’s busy knitting.

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