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Some Fascinating Information Regarding Swarovski Jewelry

There are many adjectives that may be used to characterize jewelry made by Swarovski, but some of the more common ones include high-quality, opulent, and precious. But what do you believe contributes to the success of Swarovski crystals? Discover all there is to know about it right now, as we run down 9 fascinating facts about Swarovski jewelry.

If you are familiar with the world of jewelry, you are aware that Swarovski is among the most prestigious brands available today.

And although if not every piece of Swarovski stud earrings is nearly as extravagant as the Mercedes SL600 that was covered with 300,000 crystals, they nevertheless manage to create a strong impression.

Here are nine interesting details about this timeless jewelry that you may not have known before.

There is no such thing as a naturally occurring Swarovski crystal

Crystals may be found in nature, however Swavorski crystals are not one of those natural occurrences.

In reality, they are lead glass crystals that were fashioned out of quartz, sand, and other minerals. In point of fact, they consist of around 32 percent lead. You might be thinking why taking the lead is important.

It has been discovered that lead contributes to an increase in the refraction of the crystals. Clear crystals are more difficult to manufacture than colored crystals because they cannot have any imperfections in them. Chemical coatings are what give colored crystals their distinctive hues.

The Crystal Sold by Swarovski Is Not Actually Crystal

Do not be misled by the brand name; contrary to popular belief, Swarovski crystal is not really made of crystal at all. It is not a precious stone either.

In reality, it is a kind of glass that was manufactured by a patented production method.

Crystal nerds will be able to spot the difference on sight, as Swarovski has a higher refraction index than true crystal, closer to a diamond. This is accomplished by cutting and polishing with great accuracy, which results in the sparkling appearance that you want.

1892 marks the year that Swarovski was founded in Austria

David Swarovski of Austria, who dreamed of making crystal more accessible so that it might be a “diamond for everyone,” is the guy who had the idea to create the crystals that you know and love today.

In the year 1892, Swarovski received a patent for an electric cutting machine. This equipment would enable the user to cut crystals with more precision and consistency than was previously possible while doing it by hand. After another three years, he established the Swarovski firm in the Alpine hamlet of Wattens, Austria. Wattens is located in the Austrian Alps.

The Cost of Swarovski Is Greater Than That of Glass

It’s possible that you’re perplexed by this question: if a Swarovski crystal is comparable to a glass crystal, then why does it cost more than jewelry made of glass?

This is because of the different manufacturing processes that are necessary to make crystals and glass.

In comparison to the materials used in the production of other types of glass jewelry, Swarovski employs materials of a better grade. Even the production of a single crystal is a difficult and intricate operation. Keep in mind that in order for the crystals to be of a good grade, they need to have one hundred facets that are equivalent in all directions. This is a time-consuming process since it requires a tough substance.

The Jewels made their first appearance in Blonde Venus

You owe it all to Marlene Dietrich and a movie called Blonde Venus if you are up to date on all of the most recent trends in jewelry and if you are aware of which way the wind blows when the name Swarovski is involved.

In addition to reintroducing Marlene Dietrich to the stage, the film “1932” also marked Swarovski’s first appearance on the silver screen. It wasn’t long before the crystals were used to embellish clothes and jewelry, and soon after that, a never-ending stream of blonde starlets emerged onscreen and on the red carpet wearing the crystals.

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