The iPhone 5 Doesn’t Push The Limits Anymore

Apple held its annual conference yesterday to introduce the new iPhone 5. A lot of people will jump at the chance to get the latest version, but I can’t help but think Apple has lost its luster and that ” innovation “does not exist. Here is my total reaction to the iPhone 5.

Apple has been the leader in the mobile industry since the announcement of the first iPhone in 2007, with new products “exploding” every year. This year, they failed to live up to their reputation comparing hardware components to other high-end devices on the market, and sometimes below.

The iPhone 5 includes LTE,

 Which became standard for all “flagship” phones last year. The problem is, this is the first year iPhones have included LTE and the “wow” is gone because every developer has been releasing LTE phones for over a year now. Apple’s new development comes with its own LTE chip (if you want to call it that) though there is a chip with a radio for data and voice that will handle all changes between groups. .

The phone does not have 4G

In other words, the phone does not have 4G radio lighting or 3G radio lighting, so it uses less power and has a longer battery life. The problem is, Apple doesn’t make this Qualcomm chip available from all phone makers. Yes, Apple did take advantage of the technology release from the market at one point, but only halfway. Apple will be relaunching several iPhones with different radios. CDMA versions will be available for Verizon and Sprint. HSPA versions for AT&T and other US-based operators and European HSPA versions. What Apple can do will be a reality and should have an iPhone that works with all carriers in all regions. That would mean that a chipset does it wherever Qualcomm makes it.

Apple’s next big step is to use a 4-screen hauv screen in the iPhone 5. Until now, Apple has used a 3.5 screen display. Yes, Apple has increased the screen resolution, but since the release of the first iPhones in 2007, the screen surface is similar. Apple with the 3.5 “screen jokes in the market that competitors make devices with 4” to 5 “screens. With the release of the iPhone 4, it has grown to 4 inches. is not the 4S, it’s too late now.

They’ve built sensors into the screen technology to make the phone thinner, but other companies are doing it as well. Although Nokia can wear gloves and operate the screen, Apple can’t figure it out?


Apple has reduced the size and weight of the iPhone, claiming that it is the thinnest phone on the market with a thickness of 7.6mm. This claim has been criticized at all levels, with Huawei and Oppo already having their Motorola RAZR lines up to 7.1mm thick, with phones measuring 6.66mm and 6.65mm respectively. So when Apple claims to be the thinnest phone in the world, it isn’t?

Apple is unable to provide an update for the iPhone 5, which is a “must have” feature. Now there are no steps to make you look at your phone and think, “Wow, I should buy this phone, not mine.” Yes, it lacks features like NFC support, wireless charging, and Bluetooth 4.0 that only true enthusiasts want to see. But all that is not the point as they don’t feel very popular in the big market but they wouldn’t have the features without the iPhone 5. It has become more of a smartphone. . Instead of pushing the boundaries like before, it looks like Apple is happy with a small update to the working model. It’s a tough hole to punch in what it can accomplish as Apple is still on top of the face of smartphones, but industry leaders like to “swell” on their success and forget about kids trying to prove themselves. . .

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