The Reasons Why All Kids Should Be Enjoying Afterschool Fitness

We live in a very politically correct society and so parents are unduly influenced by other parents and the high expectations that society demands. Many people say that modern parenting techniques are the best so far, but many from the older generation would generally disagree. Parents nowadays are reluctant to let their children take part in activities where competition and winning are at the top of the list because they don’t want the children to have low self-esteem if they come last, but this is the worst thing that you could do for any child. The world is not like this and so teaching your children the direct opposite of what they are going to experience in real life will not properly prepare them for what lies ahead.


Sports is something that all children should be involved in one way or another and just because your kid is not good at football, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t another sport out there that they could excel in. There are so many different sports to choose from and the Olympic Games will give you a good indication of what is considered competitive and there are so many different pastimes to choose from for modern children. This is why it makes perfect sense to take the time to find out about and to enroll your children in an after-school program in Concord West to give them an opportunity to make new friends and to become a lot more confident. If you’re still reluctant to send your kids on such a program then maybe the following reasons for doing so might help you to make a sound parental choice.

Improved physical & mental health

Children have become much too reliant on their digital devices and many children will play a game of sport on a device but they want to get out there and move on a playing area. This leads to a sedentary lifestyle and the incidence of child obesity increases every single year. If your child is stuck in their bedroom for the vast majority of their day playing video games with no way to improve energy levels then their physical and mental health will suffer as a direct result. It’s time to get them out there with their peers enjoying the fresh air and staying healthy.

It improves self-confidence

The fear of losing or coming last shouldn’t put your child off competing in competitive sports and the sooner they learn about competition and how difficult life can be when they become adults, the better. It’s all about putting your best foot forward and as long as you try your best, all people can ask of you. Life is all about persevering and trying your best and so engaging in competitive sports will provide your child with the lessons that they need.

Another thing that children need to learn about is the importance of teamwork and how it can influence career outcomes. If your child is particularly shy then sports are the perfect way to introduce them to new relationships that may even last a lifetime.

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