VoIP Phone Systems


VoIP phone systems are used with Voice over Internet Protocol technology. VoIP is the technology used to transmit audio as data or Packets over the internet to either a computer user or to a landline telephone. VoIP is increasing in popularity, as it is highly valued for its great quality, low cost, and sometimes for business needs as well. This also allows long-distance calls for either free or for just pennies compared to traditional phone services


You can also use VoIP technology by using an instant Messaging Service that has a voice option enabled. These include, AOL, Yahoo Messenger with voice instant Messenger, EBay’s Skype, MSN, and even Google has started its own VoIP Messenger.

When using VoIP Service, you can simply use a microphone and speakers to communicate with your caller. You need a high-speed Internet connection to allow for your calls to be in real-time, and you will also need a soundboard and computer that is up to date with VoIP technology. You may also need a phone adapter for converting standard telephones into VoIP phones, or a VoIP phones.

VoIP phone system

VoIP phone system adapters are another means of communication with VoIP. A VoIP phone adapter will connect your standard telephones and your internet modem. Your phone adapter will come with installation and user instructions.  Generally, you need to power off your computer, then connect the adapter to your internet modem and then plug your telephone into the adapter’s phone jack. Power everything back up and you should be good to use your phone. You will need to make sure that you have VoIP service previously installed.

VoIP corded phones

You can also purchase a VoIP phone, specifically designed for use with your VoIP Service. VoIP phones come in both order and cordless forms. VoIP corded phones come with many features, you can purchase a desktop phone that includes a speakerphone, Call waiting, Hold, Speed dial Transfer, an ND programmable keys such as Menu, Dial, Volume, Transfer, Cancel, and Headset or Speaker mode.

New 2 lines VoIP corded telephone is also available. Some of the features that come with a phone include 3 ways of Conferencing, phone-to-phone/PC, or phone-to-gateway direct dial. These VoIP phone systems are perfect for small businesses for use in the home office


VoWiFi is another option that is becoming popular. VoWiFi stands for Voice over Wireless Fidelity. This is the use of VoIP over a wireless connection. A VoWiFi phone operates by using a wireless network’s access point. The advantage of using VoWiFi is that you can easily pick out network signals or “hotspots” for free. However, VoWiFi will not work if it is out of a wireless range, and immediately you will be terminated from your call. If you have a wireless network that you are local to you will find VoWiFi to be a great advantage and extremely cost-effective

Cordless VOIP phone

Another popular choice in VoIP phones is the cordless VOIP phone. These cordless VOIP phones are not the same as VOIP wireless or VoWiFi phone systems. These phones are similar to cordless standard phones. They will work in your house, but not outside, apart from your basic VoIP Service

The issue with network connectivity has driven the need for Hybrid VoIP phone systems. A hybrid is a cross between a cellular phone and VoWiFi. A hybrid will place your call when you are in your cellular network range, and then to prevent roaming charges can pick up free VoWiFi by entering a hotspot. This great combination of two technologies and time will tell where the hybrid phone will evolve in the future

In Conclusion,

VoIP is an advanced telecommunication that is here to stay. Whether you use your computer and use your computer, an internet Messaging program, a VoIP phone adapter, VoIP cordless or corded phones,

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