VP Kamala Harris dodges question

Kamala Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris dodged a question asking her if she could explain what she meant when stating that the Biden administration would take “equity” into account when disbursing natural disaster relief.

Her comments came on Friday after Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida as a Category 4 storm and in South Carolina as a Category 1 storm. At least 47 people died in Florida after the hurricane made landfall. Harris made the comments at the Democratic National Committee’s Women’s Leadership Forum.

“It is our lowest-income communities and our communities of color that are most impacted by these extreme conditions,” Harris said. “We have to address this in a way that is about giving resources based on equity, understanding that we fight for equality, but we also need to fight for equity.”.

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Vice President, can you clarify what you meant about equity for hurricane relief, Harris was asked.


Christina Upshaw, rapid response director for Republican Florida Gov. Ron Decants’ campaign, said on Twitter that the comment by Harris is false.

“This is false. [Harris’] rhetoric is causing undue panic and must be clarified,” said Upshaw. “FEMA Individual Assistance is already available to all Floridians impacted by Hurricane Ian, regardless of race or background.”

White House

On Friday, the White House said that it’s working with Decants and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide aid to individuals who were impacted by Hurricane Ian.

When Hurricane Ian made landfall on Wednesday afternoon near Kayo Costa, Florida, it was just 2 mph shy of reaching Category 5 strength.

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