What is Kashmir-American Day

In the United States, the New State Assembly passed a resolution on 5 February 2021 calling on the Governor of New York to recognize the day as Kashmir American Day. According to the resolution, the day is meant to recognize   New York’s Kashmiri Community and to “champion human rights including the freedom of religion, movement, and expression for all Kashmiri people , which embedded within the United States Constitution, through the recognition of diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious identities, The Pakistani mission thanked the New York Lawn Maker Nader Sayegh and the  American Pakistani Advocacy Group for their efforts.

It’s celebrated on 5 February each year in Pakistan. Pakistan has supported Kashmir from the very first of the independence, India Claimed Possession of Kashmir even Kashmir was a Muslim Majority Area. The Kashmir issue is one of the most significant unresolved issues of the world.

The issue has been raised since the day of the Independence of Pakistan. There have been various attempts to resolve this issue at the internal level. But all is in vain. There have been three major wars between Pakistan and india for the conflict of Kashmir

Kashmir Day

February 5 2019 is Kashmir Day. On this day, Pakistan will celebrate and honor the sacrifice of the martyrs in the struggle for autonomy in Kashmir. To highlight the Kashmiri freedom movements and express solidarity with them, they created this day. The inspiration for the celebration is the defense of Jammu and Kashmir made by Pakistan in 1947 -48 after partition. It is a day of peace and harmony. A day when we all get together in place our flower offerings at the martyr’s graves. It is a day that unites us all as one nation.

The history of Kashmir day begins with the history of the Indian invasion and occupation of the Kashmir  Valley Kashmiris expected that their country would be independent on August 6, 1947. However, Lord Mountbatten prevented this without informing Kashmiris.

In 1950, the constitution of Azad Kashmir came into effect and was amended in 2004 to declare the day a holiday. Demonstrations, rallies, and religious gatherings mark the day. The Kashmiri freedom movement has turned many heads towards the issue for decades now. To raise awareness of Kashmir’s struggle, many parties organized processions, rallies,  conferences, and seminars. These are attended sometimes by thousands of people and have become a calling card for the organizations that host them.

These leaders and activists also advocate a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue, Politicians, religious parties, and other organizations hold rallies and long marches. People chant slogans to support the Kashmiri freedom struggle and express solidarity with the Kashmiri people. A chain of people standing on all major routes from Pakistan into Azad Kashmir is standard. These chains sometimes stretch for more than 9 kilometers forming a human chain.

The black scarf is an important cultural symbol, and it represents unity and solidarity to reassure Kashmiris that they are not alone in their struggle for freedom. Wearing a black scarf is a sign of pride not only for the wearer but also for others. The accessory is often worn during special cultural programs and festivals to promote Kashmiri culture and tradition.

The news and entertainment industry has recently stepped up its campaign for raising public awareness about Kashmiri resistance. In addition, education institutions have organized student-let panel discussions on various issues related to the Kashmir conflict to develop a multi-perspective approach. The public transportation systems is available throughout the day, but traffic  congestion can occur in major cities, in addition, major roads and streets remain blocked because of Kashmir Day Parades and Processions.

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