What is the Latest Must have Tennis Skirts Clothes?

Tennis clothes used to be predictable and boring. Male and female tennis players were restricted to wearing regulation white sports gear Aertex button-through sleeved tops or white blouses worn with short skirts, white socks and pumps were the order of the day.

However, these days, top designers are creating much more choice, resulting in tennis gear that has become fashionable, sexy, and stylish. Top seeds such as Venus and Serena Williams have a range of top fashion ranges to choose from. Tennis Skirts are now available in a vast array of materials, colors, and styles. Serena Williams is often seen playing top tournaments wearing zingy, skimpy tennis dresses,. Shorts are also considered acceptable, and the color is no longer restricted to white, except at some major tournaments.

Brightly colored picks, greens, and orange tennis wear are often seen on the court these days. Serena Williams chose a neon orange Nike Summer athlete top and skort when playing at the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami. Teamed with a wide bandana and matching sports shoes she set the pace for the fashion stakes as well as performance. She looked powerful and amazing.

Venus Williams has also launched a range of sportswear called Eleven. The Range can be worn on the court for court or for casual wear. Venus’s signature item is called the V Court, a high-performance sneaker, and she has been promoting this item when playing major tournaments recently. The Eleven range comprised over 120 items in several colorways, including athletic footwear, fleeces, graphic t-shirts socks, and bas. At an affordable price, the range is becoming popular.

Top fashion designer to the stars, Stella McCartney, has started making an impact in the fashion stake on the tennis courts. Her Adidas tennis dress is styled for performance with a racerback top and loose skimpy pleats. It has an empire line and mesh straps, allowing lots of movement. The dress also features delicate embroidery on the curved hem. The dress is available in white and purple. It doesn’t come cheap though; expect to pay around 100$ Stella McCartney’s tennis clothes range includes bright green tank top hoodies trainers sports visor and jackets. Made of high tech fabrics, the range helps deal with perspiration under intense conditions. With high-quality fashion designers and famous tennis aces seen sporting the latest sports gear, it’s no surprise that tennis wear has achieved a high fashion status.

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